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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I sell or transfer my membership?


Yes, you can easily sell or transfer your membership. Think of it like a membership at your local Country Club. It can be transferred. There is a minimal transfer fee when you sell the membership. 

Is there a cost to sell or transfer my membership?


Yes, the transfer fee is $600 and can be charged to the individual purchasing the membership if you'd like. 

What is the process to sell or transfer my membership?


Simply contact the membership coordinator at Inland Boat Club to inquire about selling and transferring your membership. 

What do I own with my membership?


You own the right to access club owned Vessels and to attend Club Events. 

How long can I keep my membership?


Your membership is a perpetual membership as long as you pay your monthly dues. 

I have truck.  Can I pick up and drop off boats/jet skis?


If you can adequately demonstrate experience with boats and loading/unloading a vessel then you may be able to tow, pick up and drop off the Club Vessels. 


When can I schedule my reservation?


You can schedule your days on Club Vessels as soon as you have access to the club reservation system. 

Do I have to refill the gas I’ve used?


You are responsible to fill up the Club Vessels after and during use. If you are having the boat delivered and picked up at the lake the Valet will be able to assist you with this. 

Can I add the Lake Powell or Wasatch Front Lakes option in the future?


Yes, as a member you can add additional lake access at any time.

Will I have access to boats when IBC expands to other lakes?


Yes, as a member you will have access to Club Boats at any lakes where Club Vessels are available. 

Who can operate a Club Boat?


Anyone with experience or training to operate a Club Vessel may operate the Vessels in accordance with State and Federal Marine laws and regulations. 

How does “spontaneous time” work?


It's simple, if a boat is available you may use it as a member. 

How can IBC guarantee that I can use my day allotment?


The Club Management will ensure that we have enough Vessels available for members to use the boats as members. 

What equipment is available on each club boat? 


There are life jackets, coast guard safety equipment, skis, wake boards, wake surf boards, tubes and all necessary accessories. Just bring yourself, your family and friends. 


Do my guests need to sign a liability release? 


No, however an electronic liability release is required for each outing and will include everyone on board a Club Owned Vessel. 


Who needs to wear a life vest while on the club boat? 


Everyone on board a Club Owned Vessel must wear a life jacket at all times. 

Can someone teach me how to operate the different aspects of the club boats? 


Yes, instruction is available upon request and additional instruction is available before all outings. 

What is a Prime Day? 


A prime day is a Friday, Saturday or Sunday or Holiday (including the days immediately preceding and following a holiday), Non-prime days are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  

Are there any other guidelines around Prime Days? 


Yes, depending on when you schedule your Prime Days , you will need to be mindful of peak and non peak months (peak months = June, July, August, non-peak months are April, May,September and October). Largely dependent on demand, there may be additional restrictions on when you can schedule your Prime Days. That said, our goal is to get you, your family and friends out on the club boats as often as possible and to help you coordinate the times you want to use them.


Is it the members responsibility to clean the boat after each use? 


Yes, each boat must be cleaned like you own it and care about....because you do!  Wipe down the gelcoat and use the spice sauce provided in the boat.  carry out any pops cans, chip bags etc. wipe up any spills (and for pete's sake No red Kool aid or drinks of any kind allowed in the boat...ever! :-) 


Do we have to bring our own life jackets and wakeboards? 


Only if you want to.  Each boat is decked out with a $4k package of surf board, wakeboards, a tube with pump, ropes, life jackets, flags, medical kit, boat bumpers, Bimini tops, travel covers, a bail bucket, and many more items.  


Do these world class surf boats include water skis in the toy package? 


No, only the GS24 has water skis. 


What happens when I get drunk and drive the boat? 


You are kicked out of the club and banned for life.  Boating safety is the number one priority.


What happens if I ram the dock and scrape the boat horrifically? 


You will be charged a repair fee. 


What happens if I wreck the boat while in my possession? 


Each boat is insured by Inland Boat Club for full coverage.  If the boat is damaged and/or passengers are injured the insurance will cover it.  


Who pays for the insurance deductible when there is an accident? 


Each club member pre-pays a $1,000 insurance deductible that is held in a savings account to be used if that member damages the boat.  The $1,000 is refunded at the end of the season if it is not used...which is the goal.


Should I leave the boat running while i'm in the water at all times? 


No,  each hour the boat runs decreases the value by $100.  Since we sell the boats after each model year or 600 hours please care about their value by taking good care of the boats and minimizing the run time.  While waiting at the dock for guests turn the boat off. During swim time, filling or draining the surf tanks, or other times when the boat doesn't need to run please turn the motor off.  There are two batteries in each boat.  They can run everything during normal boating activities.


Do you offer cleaning services, Gas top off services, lunch packages, boat driving services etc.? 


Yes!  See services section

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