Frequently Asked Questions

The initial, one time, membership fee is $12,750 paid when you join the club. After joining the monthly membership fee is, $399 per month. To maintain all the benefits a club membership brings you must remain up to date on monthly payments. You may pay the monthly dues annually. This allows you to use the boats on all of the “local lakes”.

If you would like to add an additional 7 “prime” days to your membership, there is an addition $4,000 1-time fee added to your initial membership. This allows you to access all of our destination lakes ( Lake Powell, Tahoe, Mead, etc.) You cannot take a boat to Lake Powell unless you have the Destination Lake addon.

You own the right to access club boats and to attend Club events. The boats available to club members can be found by going to under “Fleet”. There are still boats to be added for 2020.

Your membership is perpetual. As long as you remain up to date on your monthly fees you will have access to all locations of the Inland Boat Club.

If you can adequately demonstrate trailering skills during your membership orientation, you will be able to pick up and tow club boats.

Valet services are available for those still perfecting their trailering skills or who would like the convenience of the service.

Once your membership contract is submitted you will have access to the club schedule. You can reserve days up to one year in advance. The new app will be released at the boat show. Every member is required to do a boat orientation that takes about an hour before they can boat on their own.

Members are responsible to leave all club boats full of gas and cleaned. If you are using the Valet service the employees will asset you.

Yes, you can add additional weeks to your membership at any time. But you will have to pay the current going rate for the week.

Your club memberships will include any future lake the Inland Boat Club expands to. We will add both local lakes and Destination Lakes.

Anyone legally qualified and experienced can drive the club boats. A club member needs to be present to use the club boats. All drivers must follow all State and Federal Marine Laws. If you have questions regarding laws please ask for assistance and we will help clarify proper procedures.

Drop in days only apply after all your reservable days have been used. A drop-in day is any reservation made the same day or within 24 hours of the reservation.

We want all of our boats in use, bringing happiness to our members. To ensure our members are using the boats we keep our member to boat ratio low. We have two full time scheduling coordinators to help members utilize all features of the club.

Each boat is fully equipped with over $4,000 worth of equipment! You will have surf boards, wake boards, tubes, and enough life jackets to outfit the entire boat. All you need to bring is your friends and family.

No, invited guests will not need to a release form. But all club members will need to fill out an electronic liability release for each outing or sign a perpetual liability release for the entire season. It will include everyone onboard a club owned boat.

Everyone 12 and under must wear a life jacket at all times. Anyone who is uncomfortable with their swimming ability should also wear a life jacket when on the boat.

Yes, each member will receive an orientation after joining. Additional instruction is available upon request.

A prime day is a Saturday, or Holiday, including the day before and after(ex. July 3,4,5 are all considered prime days) All other days are Non-Prime. Every day at a destination lake is Prime.

Yes, after all your allotted days are used. Our Drop-in day policy allows you to use any boat that is available and has not been scheduled by another member.

Yes, you can easily sell or transfer your membership. There is a $600 transfer fee when you sell your membership and can be charged to the individual purchasing the membership. Contact one of our Scheduling Coordinators to inquire about selling and transferring your membership.

Yes, after each use the members need to wipe down both the interior and exterior of the boats and remove all personal belongings and trash. The new app will have a rating system when you check the boat out. Nobody likes a dirty boat. If you are struggling to clean the boat you can elect to have the club clean the boat for you for a charge. ($75)

Only if you want to. Each boat is fully equipped with over $4,000 worth of equipment! You will have surf boards, wake boards, tubes, and enough life jackets to outfit the entire boat.

No, only Ski specific boats will be outfitted with water skis.

Drinking and driving the boat is against the law and will not be tolerated. Don’t do it.

Each boat is insured by Inland Boat Club for full coverage. If the boat is damaged and/or passengers are injured the insurance will cover it. If you ding a propeller then we will put a new one on and repair the bent one. You will be charged for the repair. Prop Doc usually charges around $300 to fix them.

Each club member pre-pays a $1,000 insurance deductible that is held in reserve to be used if that member damages the boat.

No, each hour the boat runs decreases the value by $100. Since we sell the boats after each model year or 600 hours please minimizing the run time. While waiting at the dock for guests, during swim time, filling or draining the ballast tanks, or other times not necessary for the boat to run, please turn the motor off. There are two batteries in each boat, ensuring that you can run the boat with the engine off.

Memberships are limited so join now!

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